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Beard Balm FAQs

What Is Beard Balm

Beard Balm, as it is commonly known, can help shape, style and condition your beard. Its primary function is to nourish and condition your facial hair.

For a detailed explanation of what beard balm is, please see this article

What Is Beard Balm Good For

Beard Balm's thickness is functional. It has enough hold to comb out stubborn hairs and flyaway without affecting your grooming goals. You can also use it to give your mustache and sideburns a more finished look.

Does Beard Balm Help Growth

Beard balm can be used as a daily moisturizer or leave-in conditioner. High-quality beard balms moisturize your skin, softens your facial hair and reduces itching. They also help to promote healthy beard growth.

Our beard balms are made with argan and jojoba, which are very similar to your own body's oils. This makes them easy to absorb by your hair and skin. The best beard balms won't leave your face and beard greasy.

Using Beard Balm

Before applying beard balm, you must have a clean and dry beard.

This beard balm by Kingly Beardz is perfect for stubborn, dry, or coarse beards. This balm uses Jojoba Butter and Avocado Butter as well as Argan Oil and beeswax as a conditioning and softening agent.

How To Use Beard Balm

First, you will need to emulsify the balm before you can apply it. You will need to place a small amount in your palms. Then, rub your hands together until the balm is evenly distributed between your fingers and your palms. You're ready to rock when the balm has completely emulsified.

1. Start With A Pea-Sized Amount

Use your thumb or index to scoop out a little bit of product from the tin. Start with a tiny amount, about the size of one pea. This is not the place to go crazy.

2. Melt The Balm

To spread the balm on your palms, rub your hands together. Use your hands to melt the balm.

3. Apply First To Your Skin

Begin by flattening your fingers, then apply the beard balm under your beard. Apply the balm well. The texture of the balm is thicker than butter or oil, but you don't have to 'claw' into the skin like it were itchy.

4. Apply to your Beard Hairs

Begin at the base of the beard and work your way up towards the sideburns. You can do this by using your open hands and moving upwards. Use a beard brush to distribute the product evenly and get rid of any clumps.

Enjoy the final look!

How Often To Use Beard Balm

There is no standard for how often you should use beard balm. Each man is different, and so are their beards. These are some of the things you need to consider:

What type of skin are you using?

  • Dry skin - Apply twice daily
  • Normal skin - moisturize daily
  • Oily skin - Although you can moisturize your skin every day, it might be worth looking for a milder product.

This article will provide information about how often you should use beard balm.

When To Apply Beard Balm

Beard Balms keep your beard moist and prevent it from becoming dry and brittle.

It is a good beard conditioner that can also be used to moisturize your skin. High-quality beard balms are gentle and won't cause itching.

During The Day

In a matter of hours, beard balms can lose their hold. You can moisturize your hair and skin with a touch-up of beard balm throughout the day.

Usually, you can use less beard oil for touch-ups than in the original application.


Your beard oil and beard balm can be used straight after your shower. Beard balm can be used during the day. However, if your beard hair has become drier than normal (like it often does in the winter), we recommend that you use it at night also.


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