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The Best Goatee Styles (With Pics)

These goatee styles show that you don't need to have sideburns or a beard to give your face character.

What Is a Goatee?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the goatee is a small pointed or tufted beard on a man's chin.

Which Type of Goatee Will You Grow?

Goatees are always in style. Although it may seem like full, lush beards are taking all the spotlight these days, the truth is that the look of the goatee can be achieved by almost any man, regardless of what hairstyle he has. They are also very easy to maintain.

Before you decide to get a goatee that is stylish, it's important to understand that there are many styles of goatees. You can choose which one looks best on you. We're here to help you understand each goatee style and give you a better idea about what you might like.

Different Goatee Styles To Choose From

These goatee styles show that you don't need to have sideburns or a beard to give your face character.

True Goatee

The Goatee is the foundation of many styles of facial hair. It can work for any face shape and size. It can lengthen any face and improve a soft jawline. It can reduce a pointed chin by being growing more facial hair that occupies more space below the chin.

Chin Puff

The Chin Puff is a great way to draw attention to your chin. This is a great look to have, provided it's maintained well.

A chin puff's width can vary depending on the shape of the mouth. It may be as wide or narrower than the mouth to form a rounded shape or a teardrop- or diamond shape.

Circle Beard

The name tells you everything. This look is a mix of mustache, chin whiskers and gives you a frame of facial hair around the mouth.

Disconnected Goatee

The term can be used to refer to many things. Facial hair is a marvelous thing. It's easy to maintain and combines a mustache and a little chin hair.

Van Dyke Goatee

Sir Anthony Van Dyke (17th-century Flemish painter) gave this style its name. The Van Dyke can be downright artistic when done correctly.


Sometimes circle beards can be mistakenly called a Van Dyke. However, the Van Dyke is more rectangular and has a greater connection point to the mustache. Here, the focus of the goatee is on the soul area like it is with the chin puff. You can think of Guy Fawkes as an example of Van Dyke's shape.


Anchor Beard

The Van Dyke and anchor beard look similar, but instead of having a mustache and chin puff, it has a disconnected goatee that runs along the jawline.

It's designed to be an anchor. It will not hold you back.

Scruffy Goatee

A scruffy goat has a thick, full circle beard and one to two weeks' worth of scruff on the neck and cheeks. While the goatee is prominent, the stubble on the cheeks adds some contrast. 

My personal favorite style of goatee is the scruffy goat.

The Benefits of Wearing a Goatee

It's Low-Maintenance

Goatees can be a great way to enhance your style and reduce the maintenance required for long, full beards. You don't have to spend as much time combing, brushing and applying product because there is less hair. To maintain your goatee's best shape and length, it is important to keep your hair moisturized and clean.

Here are some products that we recommend you buy to get you started:

Beard Oil:

Kingly Beardz Beard Oil

Great for nourishing and replacing your face's natural oils.

Beard Butter:

Kingly Beardz Butter

Great leave in conditioner for your facial hair. It will help they stay soft and prevents dry hair.



Boar's Hair Beard Brush:

Kingly Beardz Boar hair beard brush

Great for shorter beards. Helps massage the skin promoting circulation and with spreading any prodcts through your entire beard.



Universally Flattering

Every man looks good with a goatee. It's a known fact. A goatee can transform your style, no matter what shape it is. It's the perfect amount of facial hair that will make you look more sophisticated and mature without covering up half of your face.

Great for Men Who Have a Patchy Beard

For guys who have trouble growing a full, thick beard, goatees can help. Some men experience a patchy, slower, and less full beard, which can prove frustrating.

The Goatee is the answer. Think Keanu Reeves and Ryan Gosling. The goatee should be kept short. It is fine to have just enough length to give definition to your face.

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