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What is Beard Balm and Do You Need It?

When you have a beard, there are certain things that every beardsman should definitely know. What is beard balm? Is it true that you need a beard balm? Is it worth the money? We’ll help you out and answer your questions, while giving you everything you need to know about the subject.

Do I Need Beard Balm?

If you haven't noticed it lately, beards are growing in popularity. However, beards are not something that can be achieved overnight. To maintain a healthy and attractive beard, it takes a little bit of work. We suggest that you include a quality beard balm in your grooming routine.

What is Beard Balm

Beard balm can be described as a leave in conditioner that conditions, softens, and moisturizes your beard. Many beard balms contain shea butter to moisturize and soften, as well as a protective ingredient such beeswax to retain moisture. 

Natural essential oils are more effective than synthetic ones in making beard balms that work. Synthetic fragrance oils can cause skin irritations and damage, so make sure to read the ingredients before you buy.

A beard balm is easy to apply. We recommend you start with a small amount of balm.

  • Rub it between your fingers to get it to melt.
  • Next, apply the balm to your beard starting at your neck and working your way up. 
  • Next, reverse the motion and run your fingers down the length of the beard. 

Beard Balm - The Benefits

Beard balm, along with beard oil and beard butter, is an essential part of maintaining one’s beard. It should be applied to beards in the morning and in the evening, and it will instantly soften and hydrate the beard, giving it a healthy and luxurious look. Beard balm also makes your beard look thicker, calms the itch and makes the beard manageable.

* More Volume

Beard balm can help with a thin beard. Beard balm can help thicken your beard thanks to the butter and wax found in it.

* Control Fly Away Hairs

You don't want a messy beard. Balm balms have a light to moderate hold. This allows you to control loose hairs, shape your beard and aids with styling.

* Softens the Beard

A beard balm can soften your hair and act as a conditioner. They moisturize your hair, softening the facial hair and fighting dryness.


What should you do with the premium beard balm you have purchased?

Beard balm works best when applied to dry hair. 

  • Begin by taking a small amount of the balm in your hand and heating it up in your hands. 
  • Next, use your fingers and palms to massage the balm onto your cheeks and chin. 
  • Then, run the balm through your mustache with your fingers.

After your beard has been coated with the balm you can use a brush to spread it out and give it some shape. To style a shorter or medium-length beard, you can make downward strokes on your cheeks and chin.

Kingly Beardz's Emperor is fast-absorbing and highly conditioning. It offers a light to moderate hold on your hair. This blend contains Spicy Sweet, Musk, and Sandalwood, a refreshing combination that will get you going.

Beard Balm Ingredients

While every beard balm may be unique, all of them are made from the same four ingredients:

  • Carrier Oils
  • Essential Oils
  • Beeswax
  • Malleable Agent

Carrier Oils 

If you've explored products for your beard it's likely that you've come upon carrier oils. These oils are mostly used to nourish and moisturize the skin underneath the beard. Premium carrier oils are:

  • Jojoba oil
  • Argan oil

The science behind the use of carrier oils is based on the beard follicle, which is located in the sebaceous gland. The main purpose of these glands is to release sebum oil. It keeps the skin and beard moisturized and prevents the skin from flaking. This is vital if you suffer from beard itching or hair dandruff (beardruff).

Essential Oils 

Essential oils don't just offer certain moisturizing and nourishing properties, they also provide refreshing scents in the oil. Essential oils are derived from a variety of sources, including tea tree, mint, lemon, lavender, citrus, lemon and other.


Beeswax is a great ingredient used in beard balm. The wax itself helps in the process of forming the product. Without it the product would appear more fluid. It also serves as a shield against contaminants while also giving the hair a grip, which makes it perfect for styling.

Malleable Agent 

For Beard Balm we put in shea butter. Shea butter is present in a lot of products, and it does an amazing job of transforming this beard cream from an oily material to something that is more malleable. Shea butter can also add a layer of moisturizing to beard balm which is what keeps the beard looking healthy.

Do you need a beard balm?

Like any other beard product it's entirely dependent on the individual and their requirements. Beard Balm is another product to be included in any beard collection that can help keep the beard hydrated and healthy.

For beards that are new this is vital because anyone with a beard will be able to tell you about the difficulty of trying to maintain and grow a healthy one. Like most things it is a matter of trial and error that is important to figure out the best way to grow your beard.

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