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7 Foods and 2 Drinks that Promote Beard Growth

When you start to see your stubble grow, you might be wondering what type of food or drink you can add to your diet to be the best bearded man you can be.

7 Foods That Promote Beard Growth

To get a basic understanding of the essential nutrients for your beard, check out this article here. Once you've read that article come back here where we'll share with you the most important foods and beverages for beard growth.

1. Brazilian Nuts

You can naturally accelerate your beard growth by eating as little as two Brazilian nuts per daily. This is how it works:

You get 1,917mcg of selenium from 100 grams of Brazilian Organic Nuts. This is almost 3000% of the recommended daily intake.

This means that 2 nuts per day is all it takes to meet your daily selenium intake.

Brazilian nuts are best when you buy organic. The skin is the best place to find the most selenium.

2. Potatoes

Some will argue that a diet high in protein is essential for healthy facial hair growth. However, studies show that a diet with more carbohydrates can actually lead to better results.

One study actually found that high-carb, low-protein diets are better for producing DHT, which is the main hormone responsible to facial hair growth. High carbohydrate intake can lead to an increase in 5-alpha reductase enzymes. This enzyme is responsible for the conversion of testosterone to DHT.

Potatoes are a good source of carbohydrates and can be added to your diet to increase DHT.

3. Sorghum

 This gluten-free grain can also be used to create a fuller hair.

It has been proven to increase the synthesis of 5-alpha reductase enzymes which convert testosterone to DHT --the hormone responsible facial hair growth--by 54%.

 4. Gelatin

Amino acids are the building blocks for proteins and gelatin is rich in them. The amino acids: glycine, proline, which are collagen proteins, are particularly important for those who want to increase facial hair growth.

5. Beef

Red meats tend to be high in saturated fat. This is the most important fatty-acid necessary for the production testosterone. Your body can get the essential fats it requires for healthy hair growth by adding beef to your diet.

6. Raisins

Although these little dried grapes might seem innocent, they are one of the strongest natural sources of boron. This trace mineral has been shown to increase the synthesis and production of DHT and testosterone.

Although few men know the power of boron to accelerate facial hair growth, the positive effects it can have on the body are worth noting.

University of Medical Sciences study found that subjects who consumed only 10 mg of Boron per day experienced a 28% rise in testosterone production and an increase of 10% in DHT.

Consider that 100g of raisins can contain 3 mg of boron. This mineral-rich snack could be the best way to minimize beard patchiness.

7. Eggs

Eggs are a great source of protein and essential micronutrients for facial hair growth.

Eggs are also rich in biotin which is essential for healthy hair.

study by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln showed that hair loss can be caused by biotin deficiency.

Finally, eggs have a high level of saturated and monounsaturated oils, but low levels in polyunsaturated oil, which makes them an efficient source of DHT and testosterone.

The Best Drinks To Promote Beard Growth

While spicy and caffeinated drinks can stimulate hair growth in general, the drinks recommended to promote beard growth are ones with a high level of antioxidants and minerals. Drinking these drinks will not only stimulate hair growth, but also keep it looking healthy, shiny, and strong. Moreover, this will ensure that the beard is longer and thicker, making it look more like a man's facial hair.

Orange Juice

Orange juice is rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant that can stimulate collagen synthesis and reverse free radical damage to skin and facial hair.

Additionally, high levels of fructose make SHBG, which is a protein that binds DHT, and testosterone, less effective. This makes it more difficult for the body's ability to use them.


Coffee lovers will be delighted to learn that it can help you improve your exercise routine and increase your testosterone levels. Coffee has high levels of magnesium and antioxidants, which helps in testosterone production. Both magnesium and antioxidants are important for stimulating beard growth.

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