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The First Month Growing a Beard

You can't know what type of beard you will grow unless you try it. There are many factors that influence how your beard will look. Your beard could look very different from your grandfather's, father's, or even your uncle's. This brings us to the first point.

What To Do After You Stop Shaving

All things start somewhere, and your timeline for growing a beard starts with a freshly shaved face. Here are some things you can expect in the first month of growing a beard.

Up until now, you have most likely shaved frequently and used a quality cream or gel to lubricate your skin.

It is essential to understand how to grow a beard. To paint on a canvas, you must first be able to stop shaving. This is rule 1.

This is how to grow a beard.

Essential Beard Care

Your hair will begin to look more like a beard by the end of week two or three. It's time to treat your facial hair like one. Poor beard maintenance can lead to dry, irritated skin, split ends and dandruff. 

For healthy and full growth, it is important to moisturize and treat your beard. Kingly Beardz Beard Balm is 100% organic

First, rub a small amount of the balm onto your skin. This will coat the skin underneath (this may be more or less difficult depending on how thick your hair is). Then, use a dime-sized amount of oil in your hands to massage your facial hair. The oil locks in moisture and shine, while the balm moisturizes the skin.

Beard Grooming Kits

Beard care is an important part of becoming a man. Mankind is looking for a solution and the market has provided it: beard grooming kits.

A facial hair grooming kit includes everything you need to maintain cleanliness, groom your facial hair, give your beard a style change, and keep your beard healthy.

We hope that this guide will help you understand the importance of beard care and why you should get a facial hair grooming kit to maintain your beard and look great.

The First Month Growing a Beard

The first month of growth doesn't always reflect your full potential. You might see some parts grow faster than others. Your hair texture and volume may change if you are younger. 

Don't feel panicky during your first few weeks of growing your beard, let it go and try to embrace your new path. While you cannot change the way your beard grows, you can make lifestyle changes. 

You can grow thicker beards quicker by exercising, eating right, and using the right grooming tools. However, your genes still play the largest role. 

Managing Your New Beard

You've probably realized by now that there is more to growing a manly mane than simply putting the razor down, and then watching your beard grow. 

It's tempting, however, to grab a $2 plastic comb from your local pharmacy or supermarket. We don't recommend this. Instead, use a comb designed for grooming beards. Premium combs and brushes are gentler for beards, won’t pull hair out, and can help eliminate knots and tangles in any beard.

Check out these premium combs and brush from Kingly Beardz.

Kingly Beardz Boar hair beard brush
Our Beard Boar Brush applies balm, cream and oils far better than synthetic bristles. Use the brush to massage skin beneath the beard and to help prevent “beard dandruff" of the beard and residue for clean and stylish looking facial hair. 
Our Dual Tooth Stainless Comb is a stylish addition to any look and makes grooming your beard a breeze. It's easy to use and made with the strongest materials in the world for a lifetime of use, unlike cheap plastic or wood combs.
This Classic Hair Camb has been Essential for Grooming longer, thicker beards for centuries, and now it's your turn to keep your hair looking groomed and trendy.
This Moustache Comb was created with the finest teeth spacing in a Stainless Comb in the world. It’s the perfect size for grooming your mustache.

Beard Itch

This will test you when it comes. Unfortunately, you'll notice I didn't say if, but when it comes. Some people get so itchy that they quit growing a beard. You can ease irritation by using beard shampoo and moisturizing your skin with beard oil every day.

Itchy beards may happen for up to two weeks, or even a month or a quarter of a year. The discomfort is primarily caused by daily dirt accumulation, dehydration and dead skin cells. 

You should also remember that natural itchiness will be a part of bearded initiation, regardless of how clean your hair is. This is usually caused by the new hair's ability to collect rogue dirt. 

However, it won't last forever. Beard Oil and Beard Moisturizer can be used to help with this. However, the itchiness will eventually go away. 

Realistically, you need to let your beard grow for at least three months before you can see its true potential. 

If you prefer sporting a matte beard instead of having a shiny beard during the day but still want to redeem the benefits of Beard Oil, simply apply it at night and stick to Beard balms and butters once you leave the house.

Patchy Beard

Facial hair grows an average of half an inch per month. But that's just the average. Yours may grow faster or slower than that.

You will also have different coverage. You will most likely, still be able to see your skin through facial hair after one month regardless of how dense or full your beard grows.

However, if your growth is patchy, there may be a lot of hairs around the chin, mustache, and little to none on your cheeks.

How to Get Started Right Now?

While everyone can grow their beards, there are some things you must do to make your beard stand out. This is similar to starting a new exercise program.

You have to know where you want to go, have steps to get there, are commit to the process, but most importantly, be patient. 

Like a good things in life, time and patience is what seperates those that give up and those that stay the course to reach their goals.

With your whiskers, take a long, hard look at your face. A beard is good for changing or enhancing the shape of your facial features. 

Consider the overall shape. If it is rectangular, a beard might make it appear shorter and more round (by leaving the sides long and leaving the chin high); if it is oval, it may make it appear wider or more angular (by leaving the sides longer); and if square, it will soften the sharper angles by trimming the corners. 

The goal of a beard is to keep your face as round as possible. But, beards can also create a more defined jawline. 

How to Get Started

You should start with a clean pallette or face if you are looking to grow a new beard. Make sure to take the time to properly shave your skin so it is clean and healthy. 

This will reduce irritation and other problems. Use Face Wash to clean your skin of any oils, dirt or dead skin before you start shaving. Pre Shave Oil can be applied to the skin before you apply your Shave Cream.


The challenges of growing a beard are many, but if you are committed and have a clear vision of what beard you want, these challenges can be dealt with.

Beards can take a while to grow out, but that is part of the process. After a month of growing, you should feel the ultimate pride of accomplishment.

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