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Gift Ideas for Bearded Dads


Men can be difficult to shop for. But if the dad in your life has a beard, it just might be a little easier. When a husband or dad decides to grow his beard, there is one thing we can agree on. He becomes easier to shop for. That facial hair becomes a prized possession of his. Why not gift him with everything he needs to keep his beard fresh? Beards need love. And what better way to show your dad appreciation than to introduce him to products that can help keep his beards groomed and looking great?

Chances are that the dad in your life takes his beard care routine seriously. Not only that but he devotes a lot of time and money to maintaining it at its best.

Give your Dad the gift of a healthy beard He Loves

We know that most of our customers take pride in their beards. Because they put so much effort into maintaining their facial hair, we know this. It is likely that your dad takes beard care seriously and spends lots of time and money maintaining it.

A gift that is beard-related is a great choice for Father's Day. He will appreciate the addition of a new product to his daily routine if he values his beard as much as most of our customers. All of these products are great for improving a man's routine when it comes to beard care. A man's beard care routine is a way to show self-care. This gift can be priceless.

The Bearded Bastard takes the selection of our products very seriously. Every product we create is made with the highest quality ingredients. This ensures that you get a high-end feeling, but at a reasonable price.

In this guide, we’ve included a variety of gift ideas that will not only show him that you genuinely care, but also take his beards to the next level. The products on this list should effortlessly complement his daily routine, facial hair, and the vibe he’s going for. 

1. Beard Comb and Brush

If their beard has considerable length, a high-quality comb or brush is an excellent choice. A comb or brush made with high-end materials specifically created for facial hair is something a bearded dad will appreciate. 

Products to consider – Beard brush, beard comb, beard trimmer, and scissors.

Here are some options for you to consider:

Handmade from cellulose acetate, a non-petroleum based plastic derived from plants

 The Dual Purpose Beard & Mustache Stainless Comb is a simple yet elegant comb that is perfect for your facial hair. The long, tapered teeth of the Dual-coated Comb make one side perfect for your beard and the other just what you need for your mustache.

model using dual purpose beard and moustache comb
Personalized Folding Wooden Comb - Men's Beard, Mustache & Hair

2. Beard wash

Every bearded man knows that keeping a clean beard is essential. A dirty beard will not only smell awful but also interferes with the appearance and texture of his facial hair. Most bearded men go for the standard shampoos and soaps to keep their beards clean, but these are not ideal. Your dad will appreciate a specially formulated wash. 

Some products to consider – Beard moisturizer, unscented beard wash, unscented beard oil, beard balm, and mustache wax.


  • Hydrate and moisturize your beard
  • Invigorate the skin beneath
  • Gently but thoroughly clean your beard
  • Remove product buildup
Kingly Beardz Wash
  • BEARD GROWTH & THICKENING SHAMPOO: The caffeine actively stimulates hair follicle growth and the Biotin thickens and strengthens individual beard hairs.
  • TINGLY FRESH CLEAN: A refreshing & energizing clean. ProGro will leave you with a incredible tingly clean feeling.
  • MOISTURIZE & HYDRATE SKIN: The Aloe Vera Leaf Juice will provide essential moisture to your skin & beard
  • Created for the daily wash of beard and moustache.
  • This shampoo gently cleanses the beard preventing skin irritation.
  • 3. Grooming Kit

    Self care is priceless – especially for bearded men who value their face’s prized asset. Grooming kits open up a world of beard care that your bearded dad might have been missing out on. There’s a huge variety of grooming kits. So, find one that suits him and watch it crank up his beard care ritual to the next level.

    There’s a wide variety of quality beard care products in the market today, and there’s plenty to get for the dads in your life. No matter the product you choose, your bearded dad will be over the moon as they can significantly improve his facial hair game tremendously.


    • Nature Boy BEARD OIL No.1 (1oz)
    • Nature Boy BEARD BALM No.1 (2oz)
    • Nature Boy BEARD CONDITIONER (4oz)
    • Nature Boy RAW BLACK SOAP (3.5oz)
    • Nature Boy BEARD BRUSH (Oak wood firm boar bristle)
    • Nature Boy x Carbon-AR Wooden Beard Comb


    • Face, Beard, and Mustache soap
    • Beard Butter
    • Beard Balm
    • Beard Oil
    • Stainless Steel Dual-Purpose Comb
    King Beardz Care Bundle



    • Beard wash
    • Beard conditioner
    • Beard balm
    • Beard serum

    Kingly Beardz has all your gift-related needs covered so your Dad feels like a King

    There are many quality products to choose from for dads. No matter which product you choose from our catalogue, your bearded man will be thrilled. We produce products that can dramatically improve his facial hair. A gift from The Bearded Baston is a great way to show your appreciation for the bearded men you know.

    Looking for something different for Dad?  Shop our best sellers here: 

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